USDA National Organic Program

(Including General Agricultural Compliance Assistance)

Attorney Chris Van Hook has been working in the USDA National Organic Program (NOP) regulations since the program began in 2003. He became accredited by the USDA NOP as a certifier of crops, processing, livestock and wild harvest in early 2004. His expertise allows him to find and implement resolutions to non-compliances, and to assist in mediations that solve the identified issues so that all parties are satisfied, the regulations have been met and work and production can resume.

With 15 years as a private accredited certifier and 17 years as an attorney, Chris Van Hook can also provide expert assistance with annual internal reviews, writing of procedures, reviewing of company policies as well as confidential business concerns under attorney client privilege. Available Globally.

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Marine Law/Expert

Chris Van Hook has had a 25+ year career on coastal marine waters globally.  His education, work experience and expertise is in many areas of marine law.  He has expertise in dredging, coastal geomorphology, marine fisheries, aquaculture, harbors, ports and marine equipment. Mr. Van Hook is available as a  second attorney or as an expert witness in marine coastal issues.

About Chris Van Hook

  • 20 years working in the USDA National Organic Program regulations
  • 18+ years as an agricultural attorney, confidentiality assured
  • 50+ years working in agriculture
  • 30+ years working on coastal marine waters globally
  • Bachelor Degree in Environmental Studies working in Marine Ecology and Agriculture
  • Have worked with dredging issues and marine equipment for 25+ years

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