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Attorney Chris Van Hook combined his legal expertise with his agricultural experience and his lifelong camping and trekking experience to start Global Culture LLC, a USDA NOP accredited organic certification company in April 2004. He built this company across seven western states before selling his interest in the business in January of 2017. During his 13 years of managing Global Culture, only one non-compliance was issued to Global Culture by the NOP.
Since leaving Global Culture, Mr. Van Hook has continued to be an attorney for accredited certification companies, organic producers and processors. He is often called in to provide solutions when compliance issues arise, or if client communication has suffered. His approach is to always look for the workable solution that will be accepted by the client, the accredited certifier and most importantly accepted by the USDA NOP. Domestic and International travel has been a large part of Mr. Van Hook’s work over the past 16 years and he is often able to travel on short notice.

About Chris

  • 16 years working in the USDA NOP
  • 13+ years as an agricultural attorney, confidentiality assured
  • Experienced in and available for international travel
  • 50+ years working in agriculture, from the shovel to the law work

Unlike most law offices, we work out in the field. Work includes organic regulations, land acquisitions, farm developments, permitting, real property and leasing issues to name a few.

For this reason, and to better serve our client’s unmet legal needs we are always looking for competent experienced attorneys with relevant areas of expertise. We are also looking for new attorneys just starting out and interested in an exciting career in law. Paralegals are always encouraged to apply.

Areas in which we work include:

  • Business Law and Business Formation
  • USDA NOP Administrative Law including:
    • Legal Compliance Review, Required Annual Reviews, Internal Reviews, Witness Audits for Inspectors, Confidential Counseling regarding the regulations and proposed actions.
    • Expert Testimony, On-Site Inspections, Agricultural Compliance Program for Growers, Agricultural Compliance Program for Processor/Handlers.
    • Mediation, and Conflict Resolution – working towards a cost and time efficient resolution of the issues, preparing remedial steps, and getting both parties back on track and back to work if possible.
  • Contracts and Real Property Issues
  • Commercial Leases

We are always willing to work with you on pricing.

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